Replacing The Lock On A Front Door

If ever you are moving into a new home, it is quite often a good idea to replace the lock on your house main door. There is a feeling of much security since you yourself knows that the previous owner or tenants living there don’t have access on your new home.. Aside from this another reason for replacing the old lock is that parts or mechanism that is ineffective.

Purchasing a new lock

To replace the lock, you will need only a new door lock set and a screwdriver or drill. It is an easy task that should take no longer than a few minutes. Just be sure to purchase the same brand of lock as the existing one, so that it will fit into the same holes without need for alterations to the door. The brand can usually be found on the latch. You might want to take the old lock with you to the hardware store to ensure that you buy the right brand and style of lock.

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Your new lock set should contain four basic pieces: two door knobs and a latch piece which will be fixed onto the door, and the strike plate that attaches to the door frame. The set should also contain two long nails and four short nails.

Removing the old lock

First remove the old door lock by unscrewing the door knob on the inside of the door. The screws may be obscured by the door handle so you may need to turn the handle to reach the screws. Both door knobs should come loose from the door when you remove the screws. Next, remove the latch at the side edge of the door by using your screwdriver to remove the nails and pull out the latch.

Installing the new lock

Now take your new latch piece and insert it into the hole in the side edge of the door. The latch should be attached in the right direction, with the tapered side facing the outside of the door. Adjust the latch in place such that the part that will attach to the door knobs is in the center of the hole on either side of the door. Fit the new door knobs on the door, placing the door knob with the screw holes on the inside of the door. Use the long nails to attach the door knobs to the door and two short nails to secure the latch piece onto the door. Tighten the screws such that all parts are flush against the door.

It is very important to always have your front door lock in top condition since this is the very first layer of security inside your house. If you’re have a hard time with have your locks replaced then call immediately a professional to handle the task for you.


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